• Be Happy

    Overcome your obstacles and set yourself free to enjoy life.

  • Be Healthy

    Whether you need to lose weight, gain weight, get fit, get healthy or deal with a restricted diet, proper nutrition is key.

  • Up to the Challenge?

    Building a business takes dedication. Sometimes a coach is all you need to keep you on track.

  • If You Have a Dream...

    You can learn to overcome obstacles and attract the kind of future you've only dreamed of.


Yellow Brick Coaching...for when you need a change

Everyone wants to be happy, but sometimes it just doesn't seem to be clicking.  Is the problem work, a relationship, finances?  Is there someone who can rush in and change it?  The answer is yes, but it's not me, it's you!

Yellow Brick Coaching is based on the belief that we all have whatever we need inside of us, but sometimes it just takes someone else to make us realize it.  Just as in the Wizard Of Oz, the wizard didn't give the characters anything they didn't already have. He just helped them to see it.

On this site you will see references to other businesses, self-help, suggestions, inspiration, health tidbits and maybe even some things that seem incongruent.  Life is incongruent.

We provide mentorship, accountability and support for people who want to change their lives.  We can work one on one in person or by phone or virtual meetings.  Contact us to find out how we can help you.